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Working With Warwickshire Police

From September 2013, policing across West Mercia will be delivered jointly through an alliance with Warwickshire Police.

By 2015, the alliance will help us meet the 20.2 million funding shortfall arising from the Government’s Comprehensive Spending Review.

Our alliance with Warwickshire Police provides us with a greater opportunity to protect front line policing resources by doing things once, sharing assets and ensuring our processes are lean and effective.

The New Approach

West Mercia will deliver its policing services in a different way but with local accountability remaining central to our policing approach.

The new policing areas across both forces are: Herefordshire; North Warwickshire; North Worcestershire; Shropshire; South Warwickshire; South Worcestershire; Telford & Wrekin.

A senior police officer of superintendent rank will lead policing in each area, deploying locally-based resources to address local policing issues.

Across West Mercia there will be 11 patrol bases and 82 safer neighbourhood teams. Each safer neighbourhood team will have a named local police officer supported by a police community support officers (PCSOs), Specials and volunteers.

20 priority policing areas will have access to additional resources. These priority areas have been identified by assessing crime and incident levels, deprivation, partnership feedback and our own professional judgement.

West Mercia Police

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Warwickshire Police

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Patrol and Safer Neighbourhood Team Deployment Bases - using existing locations/buildings
Safer Neighbourhood Team Bases - using existing locations/buildings
Safer Neighbourhood Team Bases - existing locations/buildings to be replaced, using shared facilities with other partner agencies (exact locations TBC)
Community Policing Posts (exact locations TBC)

The force will continue to invest in mobile technology to enable officers to spend more time on patrol and less time travelling to and from operational bases. This will increase officer visibility.

There will be fewer people employed in supporting functions, fewer managers and police supervisors and both forces are seeking to increase the number of Special Constables and other volunteers to assist in delivering policing.

By 1 April 2015, the alliance will have a combined workforce of around 5,080 officers and staff.

With recorded crime continuing to fall year on year, combined with the opportunities new technologies are presenting to provide existing police services in a different way, the Chief Constable and Police and Crime Commissioner are confident the new approach to policing will ensure that West Mercia remains a safe place.

Our Police Estate

Some of our current police buildings and bases are not fit for purpose or are expensive to run and maintain. We will require fewer buildings in the future and are looking to provide some existing police services in a different way, for example in partnership with other organisations.

The review of our estate has identified savings of 1.5 million in annual running costs across the alliance, which will be used to maintain and protect frontline police services.

In addition to operational police bases, the force will seek to establish a network of community policing posts in partner buildings, which safer neighbourhood teams will use while on patrol. These could be located at venues such as community centres, schools or shopping centres. They will be used in a variety of ways and could include places where officers, PCSOs and Specials may meet with the community and will also provide amenities for officers, staff and volunteers, reducing the need for them to return to patrol and safer neighbourhood team bases.

This new approach has been developed with broad engagement with the Police and Crime Commissioner, community partners, Warwickshire Police and other stakeholders.

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