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Speed Enforcement Strengthened On A41 In Shropshire


The Safer Roads Partnership in West Mercia is adding three new mobile enforcement locations to the A41 in Shropshire in a bid to encourage speed limit compliance and improve the safety of the road. Six enforcement sites already exist along the route.

New locations where a speed camera van will be able to operate from will be located near Higher Heath, Bletchley and Tern Hill and will greatly enhance the speed enforcement activity taking place along the route.

The aim of taking a ‘route approach' to enforcement activity is to encourage greater driver compliance with the speed limits along the entire length of the A41 in the county as drivers will not be sure which enforcement sites will be operational at any given time.  

Speed camera warning signs will be located at each of the enforcement locations along the A41 to inform all road users that speed enforcement is taking place along the route. The placement of speed camera warning signs at enforcement sites is not a legal requirement.

Speed enforcement activity on the A41 in Shropshire forms part of the Safer Roads Partnership's core site programme which assesses the need for enforcement based on collision, casualty and speed data. The use of camera vans at multiple sites enables speed limits to be enforced along an entire stretch of road rather than at just one location.

For the 36 month period from August 2007 to July 2010, there have been a total of 113 collisions on the A41 in Shropshire. Six people have been killed and 20 people have been seriously injured in the last three years in these collisions. In addition, there have been 90 crashes which involved slight injuries.

Katy Jenkins, of the Safer Roads Partnership in West Mercia, says: "The collision history on the A41 in Shropshire indicates that there is a significant road safety issue along the entire length of the road. The use of excessive and inappropriate speed is a major factor in road traffic collisions both in terms of causation factors and seriousness of outcome. Speeding is a high risk behaviour especially along rural roads where road features include limited visibility, sharp and deceptive bends and slow-moving traffic."

"Speed enforcement is one part of our casualty reduction programme along with education, including awareness raising campaigns, and engineering. Speeding can bring devastation to people's lives: it is simply not worth the risk."

Councillor Martin Taylor-Smith, Shropshire Council's Cabinet member for strategic panning and transport, said: "These new locations for mobile speed camera vans are great for increasing safety along this road. Hopefully they'll discourage people from travelling too fast."

The Safer Roads Partnership in West Mercia is made up of 13 partner agencies including Shropshire Council and West Mercia Police. The aim of the Partnership is to reduce the number of casualties and make the roads safer for all users in West Mercia through speed enforcement and by seeking to change attitudes and behaviour.

Collision and casualty data

Recorded personal injury collisions on the A41 in Shropshire
1 August 2007 to 31 July 2010 (Shropshire)










Recorded personal injury casualties from collisions on the A41 in Shropshire
1 August 2007 to 31 July 2010 (Shropshire)











Issued: Friday 17 September 2010

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