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Dog Advice

Keep your dog safe and in control this summer

Hot cars and dogs

In the Garden

Make sure your dog has shade and water if left in the garden during the day. A small paddling pool is a great idea to keep your pet cool.


Never leave your dog in a parked car.

The car retains more heat than an open area, even if it is in the shade. Plus, a dog may get overexcited in the car due to passersby or panic from claustrophobia, making dehydration more likely. On longer trips, make sure you have water for the dog and keep the AC running or windows open, and make frequent stops.

Dogs can die in a hot vehicle!


Pick up dog mess

Pick up your dog's pooh, whether walking local on the street, the park or in a beauty spot, there is no excuse to leave dog mess.

Dog mess can spread of some very nasty infections and diseases so think about children playing in parks and beauty spots.

Dog Fouling is an offence, and can be prosecuted with fixed penalty notice of £50. This fine can be issued by both Police Officers and Police Community Support Officers.

Taking control of your dog

You know your dog, but strangers don't. Take care to control what your dog does, and where it goes. Children playing and eating food outside, they don't think like adults, take responsibility for your own dog.
If you are a dog owner and/or take dog(s) for walks in the countryside, please keep your dogs on leads/under control, especially when walking passed/near to fields. Please be considerate towards livestock.


Stray, roaming or lost dogs

The Dog Warden (Telford & Wrekin 01952 38 43 84) helps keep stray/roaming dogs away from our streets and open spaces, and will return them to their home, wherever possible. Micro-chipping your dog helps us contact you as quickly as possible and gives you peace of mind.

Outside of office hours, Hilbrae Kennels will collect and care for stray dogs until their owners can be located. Hilbrae Kennels can only collect dogs which have already been caught and contained. Contact Hilbrae Kennels on 01952 541254 or 07966 515776.


Author:  PCSO Zoe Beven

Published 19/06/15