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Second hand property market

We Don't Buy Crime window sticker

'We Don't Buy Crime' aims to reduce the market for stolen goods. By working with local businesses, we believe that we can tackle the illicit trade of stolen property and make the legitimate trading of second-hand property a safer environment for all involved.

Working in partnership, we will ease the process of sharing information between local businesses and police, provide the knowledge and reassurance required to all involved in the trade of second-hand goods and discourage criminals from attempting to trade stolen property with legitimate second-hand goods traders.

We are working with a local business, SmartWater, to make use of the latest technologies to fight crime. Together we have created the UK's first second-hand goods traders database, where every trader adopts best practice in the retail of second-hand goods and commits to work with its local police to tackle crime.

We look forward to working with local businesses to reduce the market for stolen goods and protecting them and the rest of the community from becoming the victim of crime. If you are a second-hand goods trader and would like more information please contact your local Safer Neighbourhood Team.