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Horse Watch

Join Horse Watch to receive free crime alerts and crime prevention information

Horse Watch

Horse watch is a free scheme which will alert you when a crime or suspicious incident occurs, to allow you to review your own security measures and better protect yourself, your property, your tack and your horse from harm. It's a group set up to help combat the theft of equines, tack, trailers and horse boxes.

West Mercia Horse Watch is an independent scheme supported by West Mercia Police and information you receive will be from West Mercia Police and Warwickshire Police and occasionally from neighbouring counties. If you are interested in getting involved please complete a membership form.

word icon Horse Watch Membership Form [43kb]

Horse Watch also has a very active Facebook Page as well as informative website containing a wealth of crime prevention advice along with information on effective security items and solutions.

If you would like to register to receive free crime alerts and crime prevention information, click on the link below and select the 'Rural' group.

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Published 31/07/15