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Euro Millions People International Postcode Lottery Scam

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The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau has seen an increase in Action Fraud reports where victims receive a letter from a company claiming to be the "Euro Millions Peoples International Postcode Lottery"

The amount of money they say you have won is typically £720,000 and the letter is usually from a company with an address similar to '202-205 Rue Wiertz/Wiertzstraat, Brussels B1099'. The letter may ask for a fee to release the funds or ask you to provide your personal details. It may also ask to contact a number stated on the letter to begin the claim process.

Members of the public, who are rightly wary of this should contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 to report the suspicious letter being delivered to them.

Protect yourself:

• Never respond to any such communication. If you have not entered a lottery then you cannot have won it.

• Any request for a fee payment is a good indication someone is trying to defraud you.

• Never disclose your bank details or pay any fees in advance to anyone or any company who you are unsure of.

Details of this scan can be seen in full on -

Published 05/08/15