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Burglary Prevention Campaign

Burglary Prevention Campaign

Taking a few simple steps will help you avoid becoming a victim of burglary.

for example:

Setting a timer switch to control your lights to come on and off at various times when no-one is at home,as an unlit house can attract unwanted attention.

Remember to lock your doors,patios and downstairs windows even when your in,make sure you double check before you go to bed.

If you have a burglar alarm make sure you set it when you go out. Also consider setting it before you go to bed.

Don't leave car keys,ID cards or valuables near windows,doors or letterboxes,where burglars can reach through to steal them.

Don't leave Lap tops on view or other valuable items.

At night take your handbag and wallet upstairs with you.

Don't leave Car Keys on hooks in the kitchen or on hall tables, this is the first place a thief will look.

Lock your garden gates and side entrances, this makes it time consuming for a person to enter your property.

Do Not leave garden tools around the garden or yard, doing so provides a thief with the tools to break into your house.

Do not leave valuable items on show in your car whether it is out shopping or parked at home.

Never leave the car unlocked, or with the keys in the ignition when it is unattended. Not even for a couple of minutes. Doing so could affect your insurance.

Do Not leave your car running unattended whilst it defrosts, this is a traffic offence on a public road and it leaves your vehicle vulnerable to THEFT.

Keep your outer buildings locked and consider whitewashing windows of sheds to stop people looking inside.

Mark property to help identify it. This can be done with either invisible ultra violet pens or Smart Water. Or visible with paint. You can consider etching your postcode onto items such as tools. 



Published 11/02/19