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Special Constables' profiles

Special Constables come from every walk of life: mechanics, doctors, managers, marketing directors, insurance brokers, mortgage advisers, criminal investigators, students, television presenters, teachers, musicians, to name just a few. The profiles of West Mercia Police Special Constables below indicate their experiences, their roles away from the police, and how volunteering benefits them.

  • Role Profile: Bethany, Special Sergeant

    Stationed in Worcester, Bethany is a Special Sergeant who attested with West Mercia Police Special Constabulary in 2015.

  • Role Profile: Lee, Special Inspector

    Having joined West Mercia Police Special Constabulary in 2014, Lee is now a Special Inspector stationed at Worcester Police Station.

  • Role Profile: Tony, Special Sergeant

    Tony is a Special Sergeant based at Shrewsbury, and joined West Mercia Police Special Constabulary in March 1975.

  • Role Profile: Rachael, Special Constable

    Rachael is a Special Constable with West Mercia Police. She attested in July 2016 and is based at Donnington Police Station.

  • Role Profile: Haydn, Special Constable

    Haydn is a Special Constable with West Mercia Police. He attested early in 2017 and is stationed at Worcester. In his work outside of this voluntary role he is employed by a housing association.

  • Role Profile: Michael Blake

    For a Special Constable who only attested in early March 2017, Michael Blake is making real a difference for someone who has not yet been out on official duty.

  • Role Profile: Shaun, Special Constable

    Shaun is a West Mercia Police Special Constable and has been stationed at Malvern Police Station since November 2016. Away from his duties in the Special Constabulary he works as a motorcycle mechanic.