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The benefits of being a Special Constable

As a Special Constable you will learn about policing, develop new skills, enjoy new experiences, and meet new people.

The training will provide you with the abilities and confidence to handle even the most difficult of situations. It will include:
• learning about the police service and the duties of a police officer
• the powers of arrest
• common crimes
• personal protection
• how to prepare evidence for court
• your personal protection, and
• how to deal with awkward situations or people.

As a Special Constable you will demonstrate that you value your community and want to protect it from harm. And you will discover new things about yourself and how much you are capable of.

Fully-trained Special Constables have full police powers, wear a police uniform and work alongside police officers and police staff. You can choose to be a Special Constable in your area, or choose to work as part of another local policing team.

In your role as a Special Constable you will be expected to commit to a minimum of 16 hours a month, although many people do significantly more. The hours can be flexible to fit around your home and work life, and no two shifts will ever be the same.

Special Constables are unpaid volunteers but you will be entitled to certain allowances, including travel to and from your place of duty, boot allowance and compensation for any loss of earnings if you are required to attend court. Your uniform will be provided to you free of charge.

Many new Special Constables hope to move on to become a regular officer, either with West Mercia Police or with another UK force.

The experience gained as a Special Constable is invaluable and can be a great stepping stone for furthering your police career and developing your role outside the police service.

Being a Special Constable can also be a long-term commitment: there are several Special Constables in West Mercia Police who have completed more than 30 years' service and have made a difference to their communities.