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Stage 3 - Telephone interview

Successful applicants will be invited to a telephone Interview. The interview will be arranged by the Special Constabulary Recruitment Team at a time most convenient for you. It will take approximately 40 minutes, you will be assessed on your knowledge, skills and abilities for the role of a Special Constable.

You will be interviewed by a trained police officer, member of the Special Constabulary or a member of the Special Constabulary Recruitment Team. You will be provided with immediate feedback on your interview.

Practical Tips:

Candidates need to focus on what they actually did or said.

We are not looking for what you knew or thought about a situation but very specifically for what you did. Terms such as "I prioritised according to importance and urgency," or "my job is hectic and I constantly have to juggle many things" didn't tell us what you actually did and therefore do not score.

The use of the word "we" rather than "I" will lead to lower scores. Giving the details about a particular incident, without explaining which elements you were personally responsible for will not score.

To score well in an interview two key outcomes have to be achieved.

1.         You have clearly answered the Questions so the panel has an understanding and awareness of your levels of Knowledge and Skills

2.         Wherever possible you have illustrated your answer with evidence of when you have demonstrated your Knowledge and Skills i.e. the interviewer can make a sound judgment as to the level of your Ability and depth of Experience

S. T.  A. R Approach

When providing responses to questions think about how you will clearly structure your responses. STAR is S. (Situation), T. (Task),  A. (Action) and R. (Result).

            Situation: Briefly outline what the situation was, by providing a summary of the background. This will help put your answer into context.

            Task:Explain what you were required to achieve or specific task you were required to do.

            Actions:Exactly, what did you do and say? Discuss why you did a specific task and how? This is where the large majority of your time should be used.

            Result:Explain the outcome and what you learnt from the situation. If possible d place the response in context of the individual, the team and the organisation.


If successful you will contacted by the Specials Recruitment Team who will invite you to a local Assessment Centre.


If you are unsuccessful at interview and the interviewer feels that you have potential then you will be offered a second opportunity in three months. You will also be provided with guidance and support from your local Special Constabulary recruiter.

If you are unsuccessful on your second attempt you will not be eligible to reapply until after six months has expired.