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Stage 4 - Assessment centre

If you are successful at your telephone interview, you will be invited to attend an Assessment Centre in your local area: the Assessment Centre will be based at Hindlip Hall in Worcester. The assessment is anticipated to take up to four hours, which will consist of the following:

Group Exercise

A 20-minute exercise will enable you to discuss operational issues in a small group.

Written Exercise

A 20-minute written exercise will involve you in completing a number of tasks which will reflect the role of the Special Constable.

Fitness Test

The fitness test will involve completing a 'bleep test'. The bleep test requires you to run a 15-metre length in accordance with recorded beeps. You will be required to complete level 5.4 on this test to reach the required standard. If you are not able to complete the bleep test to the appropriate level you will be re-invited to attend in six weeks.

The video below provides information to help you prepare for the fitness test and includes footage of a test session.

Biometric Vetting

You will be required to complete the biometric vetting process which will include providing fingerprints and completing a DNA test.  

Uniform Fitting

You will measured by our trained team to ensure you are provided with the correct uniform and equipment.  

Medical Questionnaire

If you are successful at the Assessment Centre your secure medical information will be reviewed by a member of the Special Constabulary Recruitment Team. If further information is required a member of the Occupational Health team will progress the matter.

Security Vetting

The security vetting form you submitted with your electronic application will be forwarded to the relevant department for action.

Generally the best way to approach the assessment is to attend with an open mind and to behave as naturally as the circumstances allow. For each exercise, it is important that you listen to the instructions and be are aware of the time you have available.

You will be informed of the results by email within one week of your participation in the Assessment Centre.

If you are unsuccessful in either the group or written exercise you will be offered support and guidance. You will then be invited to complete the relevant exercise again in three months.

If you are unsuccessful in both the group and written exercises you will be required to re-apply in six months.