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Meet Adnan Ali - West Mercia Police Volunteer

West Mercia Police and Warwickshire Police offer a range of volunteer opportunities, with volunteers providing support to a number of different departments

Becoming a volunteer was an exciting prospect for me; the opportunity was the chance to 'get my foot in the door' and show what skills and experience I could bring to the role. I have aspirations to have a long and successful career with the police and this was a great place to begin that journey.

From January 2016 I started as a volunteer with the Safer Roads Partnership as administration support for the Community Speed Watch programme. Throughout my time with the Safer Roads team I was learning more about what they do during the year to make our communities a safer place to live and work in.

One of the major benefits I felt on a personal level was my confidence and knowledge of policing growing over the months. In May this year I saw a job opening with the Safer Roads Partnership and I applied to see where the opportunity could take me. The day of the interview was as everyone would expect; nerve-racking! The one thing that brought me calmness and confidence however, was the knowledge that over the past few months I had gained a lot of knowledge and experience that I would not have if I was not a volunteer.

Thankfully, I was the successful applicant and I have since started my role as Community Speed Watch Co-ordinator. Many aspects of my role as a volunteer provided me with a positive platform in the interview process. It has also brought me great satisfaction that my time as a volunteer helped me to achieve my goals.

If you are considering becoming a volunteer I would recommend it. If you are able to spare a few hours of your time for something that is different to your day to day activities but also interesting and rewarding, then applying to become a volunteer is definitely something you should consider.