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Our vision of 'protecting people from harm' is at the core of everything we do. It is a vision that is understood and delivered daily by those who work for us and is a requirement of the communities we serve and the partners we work with.

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Our overriding ambition over the next five years is to become great at protecting the most vulnerable. This will be at the forefront of our priorities and plans. As an alliance we know we have great foundations to build from. In the future we will look to:

  • Strengthen existing relationships and forge new ones with partners and providers
  • Develop our staff further with new skills
  • Leverage the benefits of being part of a national policing framework

The financial climate remains an important part of the context within which we operate. The pressure to deliver policing as efficiently and effectively as possible remains - alongside the need to adapt and evolve to meet the changing needs of our communities.

We aim to deliver the best policing services we can with the resources that we have, working with our partners to help keep people safe.

This document sets out how we see the future of policing in the areas served by our forces.

It is the start of a conversation with our staff, partners, providers and the people in our communities. It's about where we are currently, where want to be in future and how we will get there.

CC Martin Jelley
CC Martin Jelley
Anthony Bangham
CC Anthony Bangham
Martin Jelley
Chief Constable, Warwickshire Police

Anthony Bangham
Chief Constable, West Mercia Police