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Our officers, staff and volunteers.

Our officers, staff and volunteers
Our officers, staff and volunteers
Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police employ over 5,500 officers and staff. In addition, around 500 Special Constables volunteer for us.

Just over 2,000 officers are based in West Mercia, supported by at least 200 Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs). Around 850 officers are based in Warwickshire alongside around 100 PCSOs.

Our volunteer Special Constables also make a valued contribution to frontline policing, with around 320 Special Constables in West Mercia and 180 in Warwickshire.

A total of around 2,200 police staff and 150 police support volunteers assist the organisation in protecting people from harm.

We work as one alliance, sharing resources, expertise and skill.

Numbers based on latest figures available at date of publication.