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Our Policies (A-Z)

Policy and Procedure

In this section, you will find an A-Z listing which contains a brief description of each West Mercia Police policy and a PDF document which will contain the full policy.

You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these documents, please use the link available on this page.

You can also find helpful hints and tips on how to view PDF files to aid people with disabilities at

To view a specific policy, please choose from the alphabet listing shown on this page. There are also other links available on this page, which you may find useful.

This page was last updated on 22 Jul 2019

  • Policies - A

    Adoption & Surrogacy, Airwaves, Alliance Watch Scheme, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), Anti-money Laundering, Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB), Asbestos Management, Appearance & Dress, Attendance Management, Awards.

  • Policies - B

    Body Worn Video, Business Interests.

  • Policies - C

    Cannabis Productions, Cash Handling, Child Rescue Alert, Civil Disclosure, Common Law Police Disclosures, Community Resolution, Community Safety Accreditation Scheme, Community Speedwatch, Contract Hire Vehicles, Corporate Sponsorship/Gifts & Loans, Covert Policing, Crime Bureau, Crime Scene Attendance, Critical Incident Management, Custody Medication Management, Custody Image Deletion, Custody Succession.

  • Policies - D

    Dangerous Dogs, Data Protection, Deployment of Police Dogs, Deployment Principles, Digital Forensics Unit, Disciplinary (Police Staff).

  • Policies - E

    Environmental Strategy & Sustainability.

  • Policies - F

    Fairness at Work, Fees & Charges, Fire Safety Management, Firearms (Police use of), Firearms Licensing, Flexible Working, Flexi-time (Police Staff), Flying the Force & Union Flags, Freedom of Information (FOI).

  • Policies - G

    Gifts, Gratuities' & Hospitality.

  • Policies - H

    Hate Crime, Health & Safety, Heating & Cooling within Force, High Voltage Systems, Hostage & Crisis Negotiator, Human Trafficking.

  • Policies - I

    Imprest & Petty Cash, Income, Information Assurance, Investigating Child Abuse & Safeguarding Children, Investigation & Management of Crime, Investigative Interviewing.

  • Policies - K

    Kidnap & Extortion.

  • Policies - L

    Lawful Business Monitoring, Lay Observation.

  • Policies - M

    Management of Contractors, Management of Organisational Change, Management of Sudden Death, Maternity, Media Communications.

  • Policies - N

    NPCC Security Systems, Notifiable & Vulnerable Associations.

  • Policies - O

    Offender Management, Open Source Investigation, Ordering and Paying for Work, Goods & Services.

  • Policies - P

    Parental Leave, Parental Leave (Shared), Partnerships, Patrol, Permit to Work, Pocket Notebooks, Police Cadets, Police National Computer (PNC), Police Support Volunteers, Portable Appliance Testing (PAT), Post Incident Management, Preferential Re-engagement Scheme, Professional Standards, Promotion (Police Officers), Protective Monitoring.

  • Policies - R

    Records Management, Records Deletion, Removable Media, Roadside Deposits.

  • Policies - S

    Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNTs), Safeguarding Apprenticeships & Cadets, Search (Police use of), Seized Cash, Seized, Lost & Found Property, Smoking, Social Media, Specials Constabulary, Sponsored Vehicles, Stop & Search, Strategic Risk Management, Stress Management.

  • Policies - T

    Taser (CEDs), Telephony, Temporary Covert Alarms, Travel & Subsistence.

  • Policies - U

    Unauthorised Encampments, Use of Force.

  • Policies - V

    Vigilante Groups, Vulnerability & Patch Management. Vulnerability & Safeguarding (Overarching).

  • Policies - W

    Waste Management, Water Hygiene, Welfare Services, Whistleblowing (Raising Concerns), Wireless Access.