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Come and Ride Along with us!

Want to know more about the Stop and Search Ride Along Scheme?

Stop and Search Ride Along

The stop and search Ride Along Scheme is a unique opportunity for any community member over the age of 16 years to accompany the Police officers on patrol.

The 'Best Use of Stop Search' scheme launched by the Home Office in 2014 made a requirement for Forces participating in the scheme to have a policy/procedure for lay visitors to observe 'stop searches'. The Lay Observation Policy explains more about how we meet these requirements.

Due to the nature of the role, there is no guarantee that people participating in the Ride Along Scheme will witness a stop and search taking place, this is because the police powers of stop and search are only used when there is an operational requirement.

If you would like to take part in a stop and search Ride Along scheme to gain an insight into our work, speak to officers and staff about what goes on in your area, as well as the potential to see a stop and search take place, sign up now on the link provided.

Published 16/11/16