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Insecure Vehicles Targetted

Issues still being reported to Police of vehicles across the district, being entered and rummaged through.

We urge and encourage everyone to check and double check that their vehicles are locked and secured at all times and especially when they go to bed at night.

Opportunistic thieves are scouring the area for vehicles that have been left open and they will take anything from within that can be sold on. CCTV has been viewed in the past of individuals diligently trying car door after car door to locate the ones that have been left open. 

Sat navs, sunglasses, lap tops and ipods are among the sorts of items that have been being taken and even loose change that people tend to keep in their car for car parking fees etc. Please make sure that you are not leaving anything in your vehicle overnight.

If it's not there they can't take it!

Published 28/11/16