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Firearms Licensing Unit reducing customer waiting times

We are working hard to reduce the waiting time for our customers across all areas of our business. To that end, I am pleased to say that the public are now seeing significant reductions in waiting times for applications and renewals.

While we recognise that there is still much to do, I am pleased that our team is providing both a quality service to the public and that our customers are seeing this. They are also saying this: in a recent customer survey, there was an overwhelmingly positive response to the interaction with the department, with our staff being found to be helpful, professional and clearly dedicated to resolving concerns and queries.

  • Shotgun Grant and Firearm Grant Applications are both down by a month, to 8 months and 10 months respectively.
  • Shotgun Renewal and Firearm Renewal Applications have both been reduced from 11 months to 8 months
  • Variations have been cut from 35 working days 20 working days
  • Change of address process has been reduced by two thirds from 60 working days to 20 working days
  • Weapon purchase/sale notifications have been sped up from 25 working days to 20 working days, and all other requests are being massively cut from a 95 working day wait to just 20 working days

While I acknowledge that there is still work for us to do in terms of reducing these times further, the team are working hard every day to make this happen, and I'm proud of their commitment and their dedication to provide the best possible service. I am also grateful for the patience and understanding shown by the public.

I think its important to reiterate that the work we do is not just a 'rubber stamp' process; our primary responsibility is to reduce public risk, ensure public safety and to make sure that that every request that comes into us is met with the highest level of scrutiny and professionalism. The safety and protection of the public is at the very core of what we do.


Steve Millington, Firearms Licensing Manager


Published 20/12/16