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Team Priorities

Anti Social Behaviour/Burglary Dwellings

We have seen an increase in ASB around the Forge Close area of Catshill. Groups of youths have been throwing stones and climbing fences. This has caused much stress and worry to those living in the road. This kind of behaviour will not be accepted by the SNO PC Kelso. He is working closely with BDHT and residents to try and find those responsible. Once this is done ASB letters and home visits to parents will be made. Hopefully this will stop the problem from getting worse as the summer approaches. Other small pockets of ASB have started to appear. Barnsley Hall estate park, King George Park and Parks in Catshill. We will do our best when we can to target these area's as well.

Burglary will always be a priority to us and West Mercia Police as a whole. There is much work done behind the scenes to target and catch burglars. Please report any suspicious activity to us by calling 101.