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Meet Tug Wilson - West Mercia Police Support Volunteer with the Dog Training section

Tug, whose role is permanently attached within the Dog Section, comes with a wealth of experience in dog handling and training world.

'The Canine Cabby'

"Prior to relocating to Worcester just over a year ago, I contacted Sharon Cope the Alliance Kennel Supervisor, explaining that I was interested in becoming a Police Support Volunteer (PSV), and was keen to work in the dog section if possible. This proved fruitful, and after some initial conversations, assessments and vetting I joined the ranks of the West Mercia PSVs".

It is my privilege to be the dog sections "Canine Cabby". The core function of this role is to collect, transport and deliver police dogs from the kennels to their handler's home address or duty station. This enables the handler to attend to other duties, or get the maximum benefit from their down time. In addition to the movement of dog's I also participate in all the various aspects of kennel husbandry within the section and support passive drugs training, assisting in scenario based training sessions.

My experiences as a PSV with West Mercia have been nothing short of excellent. I was made to feel welcome from day one. Whenever it has been appropriate to do so my line manager has ensured that I have been included and encouraged to participate in all manner of activities within, and related to the work of the dog section. I am treated as a member of the team by the kennel staff and the serving officers. I have been allowed to assist with the planning of a fun raising event in support of Alex's Journey and have been asked if I will assist with future fund raising for Retire Police Dogs. Am I a "Dogs Body" I hear you ask. No, I am the sections PSV, and I love it".