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Shrewsbury rural patrols

Throughout March 2017 West Mercia Special Constables have been carrying out weekly proactive rural evening patrols in the Shrewsbury area.

The patrols were set up in conjunction with Shrewsbury Rural Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT), with the volunteers covering small towns and villages that may not ordinarily have had a large police presence due to their closeness to Shrewsbury.

The main focus of the Special Constables' activities were drink/drug-driving checks, monitoring of drug hotspots and burglaries, along with responding to anti-social behaviour, and engaging with the general public while conducting licence checks.

As a result of the rural patrols:
• Over 20 licence checks were conducted by Special Constables, providing West Mercia Police with up-to-date intelligence about local problems in rural areas.
• Special Constables were involved with three missing person investigations, as the officers were in rural areas when the relevant reports came in.
• Officers submitted a number of National Intelligence Reportings.
• Special Constables were the first on the scene, due to their proactive location, at a three-car road traffic collision that occurred at a junction well-known for these incidents.
• The volunteers have dealt with anti-social behaviour and provided reassurance to the public regarding this issue.
• Special Constables have also been drafted back, closer to Shrewsbury, to attend level one incident. Their support in these events was welcomed by their Response Team colleagues.
• And some of the newer Special Constables have had opportunities to attend incidents which they have been able to record as part of their training.

Throughout these patrols, members of the public have commented to the Shrewsbury Rural SNT officer that they have noticed an increased police presence among the rural community.

The rural patrols will continue through April and into May 2017.

For more information about the Special Constabulary, or to apply to join, visit: