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How to Complain

We expect officers to be polite and respectful at all times and all use of force must be proportionate, lawful and necessary in the circumstances, without discrimination. Officers will be accountable for all instances where force is used. If you were unhappy with how you were treated, you should complain. You should also make a complaint if you feel you were treated differently because of your race, age, sexuality, gender, disability, religion or faith. We value feedback - both positive and negative - as this helps us to identify the things we do well and any areas that we may need to improve.

There are several ways to make a complaint to West Mercia Police, please see our complaints page for more details.  A complaint can also be registered with us by visiting a local police station or by using our Online Complaints Form

If you believe you were stopped and searched unreasonably, or you weren't treated fairly or with respect, you can also complain to: