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What are the police processes should force be used?

When an officer uses force on an individual their first duty is the immediate care of that individual and to ensure that they get the appropriate medical care.

If the individual is arrested (or detained under the Mental Health Act 1983) and taken into custody the officer must inform the custody sergeant that force was used, the nature of the force and any injuries sustained. The custody sergeant will then arrange for the individual to see a health care professional.

There is a national requirement for that officer to complete a Use of Force form. The information that can be extracted from these forms can flag up training issues, bad practice and officer safety issues.

Officers will also complete either an entry in their pocket note book or provide a statement, dependant on the circumstances. Officers are encouraged to make this as detailed as possible should their actions be closely scrutinised. The National Decision Model (NDM) assists with this process and if used in conjunction with additional advice, will help the officer to compile accurate and in-depth notes of an incident, the decisions they made and the rationale behind them.