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What to do if you're bullying someone ... some things you can try

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Think about what you're doing

If you use digital technology to upset, anger or embarrass someone on purpose, this means you're involved in online bullying. It might be as simple as 'liking' a mean post on Facebook or spreading a rumour on Twitter. The person being bullied could feel like you're part of the bullying.

Bullying can really hurt someone. It can make the person feel upset and hopeless. Sometimes it can make people self-harm or lead to them feeling suicidal. It's important to think about how we might feel if someone said the same thing about us.

Some things you can try

The first step is realising that you've been involved in bullying. We all make mistakes. 

  1. Tell someone you trust, like a parent, carer or teacher. They may be able to offer you some advice about what to do.
  2. Go back and delete any upsetting or nasty posts, tweets or comments you've written.
  3. Be the one to make a stand, talk to others involved and encourage them to stop the bullying. It only takes one person to start making a big change.
  4. Apologise to the person who was bullied and offer them support. This can mean a lot to the other person.
  5. Sometimes we do things without really thinking them through but the important thing is to learn from it and change the way you act in the future.