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Will you cancel the Notice because...?

The Camera Ticket Office will not cancel a Notice for any of the reasons given in this page.

  • I did not know the road
  • I was distracted                                                                                                        
  • I didn't see any workers at the road works
  • I did not see the signs                  
  • I was late                                        
  • It was late at night / early in the morning
  • This is my first offence
  • The road was clear
  • The speed limit has recently changed
  • I did not see the camera
  • Other drivers were speeding
  • The car behind me forced me to
  • I don't think the speed limit is suitable for that road                     
  • I was just following the flow of traffic
  • My Satnav told me the speed limit was different / didn't warn me that the camera was there