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How to raise concerns about speeding

Concerned about speeding in your community?

Residents worried about speeding traffic in their local community should contact their local parish council or raise their concerns with their safer neighbourhood team at a PACT (Partners and Communities Together) or Community Forum meeting.

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If there is significant community concern, your local parish council or safer neighbourhood team will approach us on behalf of the community. We cannot accept individual requests for speed enforcement. Parish councils and safer neighbourhood teams can submit their request through our Contact Safer Roads Partnership page.

New community concerns received by the Safer Roads team are primarily managed through our quarterly Operations Forum meetings where discussions are held with our local authority partners to establish if enforcement is a suitable option, or if there are other suitable engineering or education alternatives.

If all partners agree that enforcement is a potential option, the Safer Roads Partnership will carry out speed surveys to establish is there is a speeding issue and to determine the nature of the speeding problem if one exists.

Dependent upon a number of criteria including speed, volume of traffic and a safe / suitable enforcement location, the area may be suitable for speed enforcement activity through the Community Concern Programme (carried out by the Safer Roads enforcement team) or the Community Speed Watch scheme (carried out by local community volunteers). Any proposed action will be carried out in partnership and agreement with the local parish council and / or safer neighbourhood team.

Speed data is collected while sites are in operation to assess the impact upon traffic speed and driver behaviour.