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New speed enforcement sites launching in South Worcestershire - 25 November 2015

The Safer Roads Partnership in Warwickshire and West Mercia is launching two new mobile speed enforcement sites in South Worcestershire - Belbroughton and Defford - in direct response to concerns raised by local residents about the speed of vehicles travelling in each area.

The new sites will launch next week (w/c 30th November) and will form part of the Safer Roads Partnership's Community Concern programme, which responds to community requests for speed enforcement. Local residents in each area raised their concerns through their local parish council who then brought it to the attention of the Safer Roads Partnership and asked for action to be taken.

In Belbroughton, speed enforcement activity will take place on Hartle Lane. Speed data collected by the partnership highlighted a speed compliance problem; 15% of vehicles were found to be travelling above 38mph and approximately half of all drivers are exceeding the 30mph posted speed limit.

Speed enforcement in Defford will take place on the A4104 Main Street. Speed data collected in the area highlighted that nearly half of drivers are exceeding the 40mph speed limit and 15% of vehicles travel above 47.6mph.

Anna Higgins, Communications Manager at the Safer Roads Partnership said "We are launching two new community concern sites in Worcestershire to address the high level of concern in each of the local communities. Data collected has highlighted unacceptably high speeds and local people are understandably concerned as each of the roads are near residential areas.

"We hope that the presence of a speed camera will encourage drivers to change their behaviour and drive at a lower, safer speed. This will help to improve the quality of life for people living in both areas, reduce the risk of harm, and improve the safety of the roads for all those who use them."

Speed data will be collected while the sites are in operation to assess the impact upon traffic speed and driver behaviour.