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Pedestrian safety

For most of us, putting your seat belt on when you get in a car is second nature. However, as pedestrians, many of us forget to follow simple safety advice to keep out of harm's way.

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Each year in West Mercia there are a number of pedestrians that are killed and many that are seriously injured on our roads. It only takes a second to become one of these statistics, so take a few moments to consider these simple safety measures:

  • always use pedestrian crossings
  • Be safe, be seen! Make sure you are visible to motorists - fluorescent materials are most effective during the day and reflective materials at night
  • take extra care when under the influence of alcohol - you are more likely to make errors of judgment or behave in a way that could lead you to become involved in a collision
  • don't get distracted - listening to an iPod, chatting to friends or sending a text while crossing the road will distract you and put you in serious danger
  • follow the Highway Code

Advice for motorists

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Be aware of pedestrians near or crossing the road - they may not be aware you are coming. Children in particular may not have the road sense or general experience of adults plus they may be harder to see, especially around parked cars.

Elderly people are also more vulnerable - they may not be able to see or hear approaching vehicles or have difficulty in accurately judging speed and distance. They may also require more time to cross the road than motorists might expect.