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Road safety campaigns

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Road safety campaigns are an integral part of the Safer Roads Partnership's marketing and communications activity. Implementing a structured marketing and communications plan is important in changing the attitudes and behaviour of road users and thereby helping to reduce casualties and collisions on the roads within the West Mercia policing area.

The partnership's communications team manages and delivers a range of education, training and publicity programmes across the West Mercia policing area, and works in partnership with other agencies to deliver coordinated messages and information.

Click on the links below to read about some of our current campaigns, and download related campaign materials. If you are after specific advice or information about a particular road safety issue, please visit our Road safety advice page. 

  • Think Bike ImageMotorcycles


    Our motorcycle safety campaigns focus on a variety of age of riders on 500cc+ machines, leisure riders that ride their bike over the summer evenings and weekends and also commuter riders. Young riders on smaller powered machines will also be a target area.

  • Breath testingDrink and drug driving

    Drink and drug driving

    Although drinking and driving or getting behind the wheel while impaired is much more socially unacceptable than in the past, there are still a small minority of motorists who are either ignorant of the dangers or who are prepared to run the risk.

  • Just one messageYoung drivers and passengers

    Young drivers and passengers

    Too many people are killed or seriously injured on the roads in the UK every year and young people aged 16-24 represent a high proportion of casualty figures - both locally and nationally.

  • Be bright be seen cyclistCycle safety

    Cycle safety

    With an increasing number of cyclists using the roads, it is more important than ever for all those involved to share the road responsibly. Cyclists remain a vulnerable group across Warwickshire and West Mercia and we will continue to focus our efforts on reducing collisions involving cyclists.

  • Be bright be seen pedestrianPedestrian safety

    Pedestrian safety

    Our pedestrian safety campaigns target all age groups, focusing on issues including distractions, visibility and appropriate use of the highway.

  • Old driverOlder drivers

    Older drivers

    We work alongside our local authority partners to deliver campaigns to raise awareness of issues affecting older drivers.