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Drink and drug driving

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Although drinking and driving or getting behind the wheel while impaired is much more socially unacceptable than in the past, there are still a small minority of motorists who are either ignorant of the dangers or who are prepared to run the risk.

Breath testing

Enforcing drink and drug driving offences is a priority for Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police throughout the year, as well as additional targeted campaigns during the summer and Christmas periods when drink / drug drive offences typically increase. Every time the police attend a road traffic incident, they breathalyse the drivers at the scene.

Drug driving laws introduced in 2015 make it a lot easier for the police to tackle drivers who choose to drive while under the influence of drugs, with new roadside drug testing kits in place to detect cannabis and cocaine.

To support police enforcement activity, the Safer Roads Partnership manage and develop awareness campaigns using social media advertising, radio adverts and traditional media channels.

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