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Surgeon found guilty of fraud

Sudip Sarker, a former surgeon at the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch, has today been found guilty of lying about the number of operations he had carried out in order to get a job.

Sarker, aged 48, of Botany Road, Broadstairs, Kent, had pleaded not guilty to fraud by false representation but was today found guilty at Worcester Crown Court.

In 2011, Sudip Sarker lied about the number of keyhole surgical procedures he had carried out over his career in order to secure himself employment as a general surgeon.

Detective Chief Inspector Leighton Harding said: "Sarker deceived the NHS Trust in order to benefit himself and as a result of his actions we know that a potentially more suitable candidate was overlooked for the role.

"At stages in all of our lives we will rely upon the knowledge and experience of medical professionals to provide the best standard of patient care and treatment. With that comes personal responsibility to act with honesty and integrity. Sarker's actions were criminal and fell well below these standards.

"His fraud not only served to benefit himself financially he also eroded the trust and confidence of patients and their families."

Sarker will be sentenced on Monday.


Posted by Sam Cook, Operational Communications Officer

Published 02/02/18