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Low value and cannot be identified to a person

Found Property - Low Value

Where a member of the public finds property in a public place they generally acquire good title to the property if the owner cannot be ascertained.

The finder is under no obligation to surrender the property to the police, nor is there a legal duty to report the finding provided reasonable steps are taken to trace the owner. You can do this by making enquiries with people nearby and making enquires in nearby premises.

If you cannot locate the owner then there is nothing more the police can do and we advise you to retain property rather than dispose of it at a police station unless it is a prohibited item:

Examples of prohibited items are:

  • Drugs, medicines and poisons
  • Offensive weapons
  • Pornography
  • National insurance and savings certificates, stamps, Premium bonds, Postal Orders
  • H M Forces equipment and clothing
  • Medals 
  • High Value Items