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Bogus callers ... keep them out

In doubt? Keep them out!

Not all burglars have to break and enter.

  • Bogus officials may be smartly dressed and claim to be from the council, water company, health authority or other organisation.
  • Their real purpose is to talk their way into your home to see what they can steal.
  • Genuine callers will normally make an appointment first and will carry identification with their photograph on it.
  • Bogus dealers may offer to buy your antiques, furniture or jewellery, at what seems to be a good price.  Chances are they are trying to trick you into selling something for a lot less than it is worth.
  • If you want to sell something, choose one or two genuine dealers to value it or ask a friend or relative for their advice on whom to ask.
  • Bogus 'workmen' may say that they need to come in to check something or make urgent repairs.  Again, they really want to steal from your house.
  • You also need to be careful of callers who offer to make building repairs or surface your drive.  Often they will ask for money in advance - they may even offer to drive you to the bank to withdraw money to pay them.  They could then simply disappear, or do a poor job very expensively.
  • If you need any building work done, get several written quotes from reputable firms, then decide which one is best.  If in doubt, talk it through with a neighbour or someone in your family.
  • Consider using a chain on your door and put it on before opening the door.
  • If you don't know the caller ask to see their identity.

If you are still not happy, phone the police - dial 999 - and tell them what's happened and tell your neighbours.

author PCSO 40142 Linda Pawley

Arboretum/Claines safer neighbourhood team


Published 28/10/18