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Reminder to make sure home security starts at the garden gate

West Mercia Police is urging homeowners in Wellington to make sure home security starts at the garden gate.

In recent weeks police have seen a rise in the number of sheds and detached garages broken into in the town, with properties in Roseway, Holyhead Road and Limekiln Lane targeted.

Garden tools and push bikes are amongst the items stolen during the break-ins.

Enquiries are being carried out into the reports, which are believed to be taking place on a Thursday or Friday, and police want to remind local residents to take some simple crime prevention measures to help prevent themselves from falling victim.

DI Andy Bailey said: "We're carrying out enquiries into the burglaries and utilising all investigative opportunities to identify those responsible for these break-ins however want local residents to assist by taking some simple crime prevention measures to make it even more difficult for burglars."

Sara Giles is a Crime Prevention Officer for West Mercia Police in Telford and supports DI Bailey's commitment to crime prevention. She said: "It is really important to secure sheds and outbuildings, most of these burglars are opportunists and will take advantage of poor security. Taking a few moments to ensure you have an adequate lock on the door and windows and that it is secured could make all the difference.

"It is always advisable to use a closed-shackle weatherproof padlock to EN 12320 standard and reverse the hinges on shed doors to prevent them from being unscrewed. In addition, lining the inside of shed windows or hanging curtains will hide items from view of thieves. I would also advise people to make sure tools and ladders are locked away and not left lying in the garden or drive, as thieves could potentially use these to break-in.

"External lighting is also a good deterrent. Installing dusk-to-dawn lighting at the front and rear of the property will provide a source of continuous, gentle illumination throughout the hours of darkness. This makes it more difficult for any offenders to hide in the shadows and will also provide a greater level of reassurance. PIR motion-sensitive lights have not been recommended for a number of years, as they're easily tampered with, cost a huge amount of electricity to run, and often increase the fear of crime by repeat activations by cats, foxes, etc. Statistically, dwellings with dusk-to-dawn lighting installed are less likely to become a victim of crime than dwellings that have PIR lighting."

For more crime prevention advice visit the West Mercia Police website

Anyone with information about the burglaries or information about those responsible should ring West Mercia Police on 101 and ask to speak to the proactive CID team at Telford.

Published 12/04/18