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Criminal damage

Criminal Damage is when someone without lawful excuse destroys or damages any property belonging to another person with an intention to do so. In order for something to be classed as Criminal Damage, the damage need not be permanent and can include graffiti.

Criminal damage can include the following:


1 Criminal damage to a dwelling

This is where damage has been caused to a property. For example, if someone were to drive their vehicle into the side of a house and this caused a wall to collapse.

2 Criminal damage to a vehicle

This would include damage to a vehicle that was caused by someone or something but not damage that was caused by another vehicle. If you suspect that the damage on your vehicle was caused by another vehicle then this would be classed as a Road Traffic Collision (RTC). An example of criminal damage to a vehicle would include someone using a sharp object to damage the side of your car.

3 Other criminal damage

Other criminal damage may include damage that is caused to an object. For example, if someone were to cause damage to the gate at your property.

In this section you will find information on what you should do if you have been a victim of a criminal damage and how to report it.

It is important that you report any incidences of criminal damage to the police force for where the offence took place. If you are unsure of which police force you should be contacting then you can visit where you can input your Post Code into the "Find your neighbourhood" search and it will then bring back the corresponding police force.

I am a victim of criminal damage