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Vehicle crime

Vehicle crime is a crime that involves a vehicle.

Such crimes may include:

1 Theft or unauthorised taking of a motor vehicle

It is important that reports concerning the theft of a vehicle are reported to the police as soon as possible so that a marker can be placed on the vehicle.

2 Theft from a motor vehicle

Theft from a motor vehicle would include instances where someone has gained entry to your vehicle and proceeded to steal something from inside the vehicle such as a dash cam. Theft from a motor vehicle would also encompass someone stealing the Registration Plates off your vehicle.

3 Interfering with a motor vehicle

Interference with a motor vehicle is when someone has interfered with a motor vehicle, or a trailer, or anything carried in or on it with the intention that they, or another, commit a specified offence. For example, if someone tries to remove the roof rack or box off your vehicle.

In this section you will find information on what you should do if you have been a victim of vehicle crime and how to report it.

It is important that you report any incidences of vehicle crime to the police force for where the offence took place. If you are unsure of which police force you should be contacting then you can visit where you can input your Post Code into the "Find your neighbourhood" search and it will then bring back the corresponding police force.

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