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Dog theft is on the rise in the UK. It's a little known fact that legally, the worth of our dogs is exactly the same as any other possession - so, if your dog gets stolen, it will be treated with no more or less importance than the theft of, for example, a laptop. This clearly undervalues what our dogs mean to us and goes no way towards acknowledging the terrible emotional and psychological trauma an owner of a stolen pet experiences because of the crime.


Dog thieves are sly and use all sorts of schemes and scams to get to the dogs they need. Some are stolen to order, with many taken by highly organised gangs of thieves. Some, of course, are opportunistic thefts to make a quick buck.  It's an enormous worry, and as incidents of theft increase, it's down to us as dog owners to make sure we do all we can to keep them safe.



Published 05/05/18