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We Don't Buy Crime - Smartwater - Volunteering Opportunity

Community information, Shropshire, Telford, Hereford and Worcester

  • Incident number: Volunteering Opportunities
  • Date: 22/05/2018

We Don't Buy Crime - Smartwater - Volunteering Opportunity

"We Don't Buy Crime" is a partnership between Warwickshire Police, West Mercia Police and Smartwater.

Smartwater, one of the country's leading crime deterrent companies, is helping people across the region protect their property and make life more difficult for burglars.

We aim to reduce the number of burglaries by improving detection, ending the market for stolen goods and encouraging people to take steps to protect their property.

Marking valuables with products such as Smartwater helps police to identify burglars and link them to crimes.

We are aware that acquisitive crime, including burglary, robbery and theft harms our communities. A person's home and possessions often carry an emotional attachment and when a criminal interferes with this, it can have a long lasting impact on victims. Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police are committed to protecting people from these crimes.

"We Don't Buy Crime" demonstrates this commitment, by taking an innovative approach to reducing and disrupting the market for stolen goods and protecting your home and possessions by making them less attractive to the would be criminal.

West Mercia Police are currently looking for a number Volunteers to assist with the "We Don't Buy Crime" Project across Shropshire, Telford, South Worcester and Hereford. The volunteers will be attending community Events across the county alongside the Project Manager, to support this force Initiative. These Events ususally taking place on a Saturday. Travel expenses will be reimbursed and full training iven.

If you would like to find out more about this exciting new volunteering opportunity please visit the West Mercia Police Website/ Jobs and Opportunties/ Police Support Volunteers or please click this link.

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