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Conmen claim to be police to dupe residents out of cash

Community Forums, West Mercia areas

  • Incident number: Various incident numbers
  • Date: 30/05/2018

West Mercia Police is reminding residents not to be fooled by conmen claiming to be police.
In the past month there have been a number of incidents in Telford where fraudsters have scammed innocent people out of money.

In one of the scams the conmen claim they are from police and say a relative of the person they are ringing has been arrested - they then request money for their release and even offer to send someone to collect the cash.

In another scam they claim to be from the bank stating an account has been hacked and that money needs to be transferred out of the account to one the scammers have set up.

Police have launched an investigation into the scams.

Telford's CID Detective Sergeant Andy Dawson said: ''These fraudsters can be very convincing giving the person they are ringing no reason not to believe them and while they do tend to try and prey on those people who are likely to be more vulnerable and susceptible to their scam in actual fact anyone can fall victim.

''Police would never request money for someone's release from custody and anyone who receives a call like this should simply put the phone down. It is not a genuine call. Likewise, do not transfer money to someone cold calling who you do not know. Only set up direct debits and transfer money with known trusted sources. If the caller claims to be from the bank tell them you will ring them back but before you do ring a person you know to make sure the telephone line has not been compromised and use the telephone number on your bank card not the number the caller may have given you.

''Be vigilant and in any doubt simply put the phone down. Often these people do target elderly and vulnerable people, as do cold callers knocking door to door, and I would ask anyone who has an elderly or vulnerable relative, neighbour or friend makes sure they're aware of what to do if these scammers contact them.''

Visit the Crime and Safety pages of the West Mercia Police website for more information to help prevent bogus callers and phone scams.

To report information about scams to West Mercia Police ring 101 or visit Action Fraud for more information.

In an emergency and if a crime is taking place always ring 999.

(circulated to all West Mercia CMS subscribers)

Sender, Citizens in Policing