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Suspicious Circumstances, Welland, Mlavern

  • Incident number: 348s 300518
  • Date: 31/05/2018

348s 300518.

Welland, Malvern.

The above incident refers to an elderly female who has befriended a male on facebook, the male has informed the female that he served in the army and was currently based abroad. The male has, after a period of time, asked for money in the form of Itune vouchers to get a flight to visit the female.

This is a very common type of fraud that is being used at present, where the victim is befriended and encouraged to send them money. We advise that you should never send money to persons that you do not know. Also to be carful with who  you befriend via social media, always make sure that know the person before giving them intimate details of your life.

If anyone has experienced such incidents or are concerned with a family member or friend whom may be sending money abroad please call 101 or report via Action fraud.