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West Mercia Police Community fund replaces toys - and smiles!

Last month the Evans family in Kidderminster were again victims of a burglary after thieves broke into their garden and stole their children's pet rabbit and an array of toys. Not for the first time, the family felt violated and distraught.

PC Sam Maher from the Stourport Safer Neighbourhood Team said "The kids were absolutely devastated at the loss of their pet and on top of that had had their toys stolen so didn't even have anything to play with to take their minds off it.

"Mr and Mrs Evans hadn't really got over the previous burglary and were now feeling even more vulnerable.

"The pet rabbit was replaced immediately to try and distract the children as much as possible unfortunately their favourite toy car was found in a nearby field; it had been mindlessly smashed up and vandalised. Toys are not cheap and even with both parents working hard every day, the family were unable to replace everything which only made them feel worse.

"A West Mercia Police Community Fund application was made and money was allocated to replace the children's electric car. The family were delighted and felt that this has helped the children forget about the burglaries and has given them something back which they couldn't understand would be taken from them.

"The children said they felt really happy and were really thankful for the gifts. Mr and Mrs Evans said how grateful they were as replacing the toys would have cost too much and thanked West Mercia Police for making their kids smile again."

The West Mercia Police Community Fund helps and supports victims of crime where possible, alleviating trauma and stress complicated by financial hardship following acts of crime.The funds mainly come from a percentage of the sale of seized property proceeds, contributions from employees via payroll and donations from well-wishers. If you would like to make a donation to the West Mercia Police Community fund then please email


Issued on Thursday 7 June 2018 by Alex Gale, Communications Officer

Published 07/06/18