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Police reinforce road safety message across Shropshire

Police across Shropshire and Telford are reminding motorists, cyclists and pedestrians to take care on the county's roads.

road safety

Over the past few months there have been a number of collisions across the county and police want to make sure the roads are safe for all road users.

The county's operations policing unit continues to proactively target those who cause the most harm on the roads as part of Project Verrier.

And, while Project Verrier sees enforcement action taken against those consistently committing traffic offences it also aims to educate motorists, including motorbike riders, cyclists and pedestrians around the importance of road safety.

As part of their work police want to raise awareness of the four things that are most likely to cause a serious collision, known as the fatal four they are: - speeding, distractions such as using a mobile phone, driving while under the influence of drink or drugs and not wearing a seatbelt.

Operations policing unit for Shropshire and Telford Inspector Nigel Webster said: "We want our roads to be safer for everyone, whether they are a motorist, passenger, cyclist, motorbike rider or pedestrian, it is important everyone considers road safety. 

"Although it's important to stress not all but in most collisions where someone dies or is seriously injured the cause has been a driver has been speeding, distracted or driving while under the influence of drink or drugs, or those in the car were not wearing a seatbelt. 

"We proactively target those committing these offences but more importantly we want them to think twice before they commit them. Speed limits are in place for a reason and we want motorists to stick to them, they have been set with the road, its conditions and volume of traffic in mind. A driver can easily lose control of the vehicle if they are driving too fast. Distractions and driving under the influence seriously impair the drivers judgement, stopping times are affected and again they can cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle. 

"And, if the vehicle does become involved in a collision wearing a seatbelt, whether as a driver or passenger including sat in the back, can prevent serious injury or worse."

A key aspect of the operations policing units role is to identify why people are committing driving offences in the first place, and if they identity the driver needs help and support they will ensure they receive it.

Insp Webster added: "Information from the public is essential in identifying those who present a serious risk to other road users and I encourage the reporting through CrimeStoppers or our force control room. This information will then be assessed and those individuals will be targeted with a variety of dynamic tactics from our roads policing officers as part of Project - Verrier"

The work of the county's operations policing unit is being reinforced by activity from the local safer neighbourhood teams across the county who have been monitoring motorists speed on roads in their area as well as offering road safety advice. 

Insp Webster said: "Our safer neighbourhood teams play a huge part in assisting with our work to make the county's roads safer, they are the visible familiar faces local communities see on a regular basis, they know their communities and they know the issues that are affecting them and we would encourage anyone who has concerns about road safety, whether it be concerns about speeding on a particular road or they want some advice on keeping safe on the road to speak to their local officer."

West Mercia Police is currently running a campaign to make its safer neighbourhood teams even more accessible, as part of this the mobile numbers of local officers has been made public with members of the public urged to get in contact with their local officer. Details can be found on the your area pages of the West Mercia Police website

The mobile numbers are not to be used to report a crime taking place or in an emergency. In an emergency or if a crime is taking place always ring 999.

Issued: 3.40pm 120618 EH


Published 12/06/18