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West Mercia Police has published figures on the use of force by officers.

Community information, West Mercia Police

  • Incident number: N/A
  • Date: 26/06/2018

The figures cover tactics such as officers taking hold of someone's arm, using handcuffs, deploying a police dog and using a baton, irritant spray, Taser or firearm.

Police officers respond to thousands of incidents each day and, as the figures show, the vast majority are resolved without requiring these techniques or any form of conflict.

Where use of force actions are taken each officer attending the incident completes a record of their actions. Therefore, there may be more than one record linked to the same incident. Equally, multiple incidents involving the same person will be recorded separately.

Included in the published data for the latest quarter are the number of assaults on officers.

You can find the data on our website here

Superintendent Paul Moxley, Force Operations



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