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Protect Your Identity

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  • Date: 31/07/2018

There have always been scammers out to empty your pockets, but with the age of the internet, they've managed to get even more clever into tricking you out of your cash.

Your identity is valuable. Fraudsters know this. They can use the information you share online to pretend to be you and apply for bank accounts, mobile phones, loans or a wide range of other products or services in your name.

As a victim of identity fraud, you might not realise you've been targeted until a bill arrives for something you didn't buy, or you experience problems with your credit rating, for example. To carry out this kind of fraud successfully, fraudsters usually have access to their victim's personal information, which they obtain in a variety of ways - such as through hacking and data loss, as well as using social media to put the pieces of someone's identity together.

Did you know 88% of fraudulent applications for bank accounts and financial products are made online?

So, what can you do? The answer is loads!... here's a few to be getting on with.

1. Close down any unused/dormant bank accounts & credit cards


Check this Banking industry site for lost accounts

Check your credit reference files for a £2 statutory fee or for FREE via Martin Lewis and Money Saving Expert at

2. Unused/dormant Social Media profiles no longer used should be deactivated and deleted


Try this from Google (remember to tick all the boxes below where you enter your name)

3. Check and close down unused/dormant email accounts


Try this from the USA

4. Use strong passwords and 2 factor authentication


Check this link to GetSafeOnline

Kind Regards,

Philippa Jackman-Day

Rural & Business Crime Officer