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Introducing South West Mercia's new local policing team

The new South West Mercia Police's Local Policing Priority Team (LPPT) is being introduced on Tuesday 2 October covering Herefordshire, North Worcestershire and South Worcestershire.

The team has been set up to focus on our local policing priorities that include: Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE), Serious Organised Crime (SOC), Domestic Violence (DV), burglary and safer roads, they will provide a visible policing response to increase public reassurance and tackle the issues that matter to our local communities.

The 22 officers within the team, across Herefordshire and Worcestershire, will be uniformed officers and provide highly visible patrols, both on foot and in police vehicles in areas where recent crime has taken place or areas that may be vulnerable to travelling criminality, they will gather intelligence, target, disrupt and prevent crime.

Chief Superintendent Mark Travis said: "It is anticipated the new LPPT across South West Mercia will enable us to manage demand more effectively, allowing us to proactively tackle high harm issues such as serious and organised crime including county lines drug dealing, violent crime, CSE and human trafficking.

He continued: "The new team will be a visible, uniformed presence on the streets of our communities throughout Herefordshire, North and South Worcestershire and will focus on our local policing priorities. The officers will be tasked with disrupting and preventing individuals' involvement criminal activity, protecting the vulnerable and reducing the impact of serious organised crime on the community as part of our new Protect campaign!"

If you would like to know more about the LPPT's role and the work they will be caring out follow them on twitter @LPPTSWestMercia

Issued: 12.15pm, Friday 28 September, MC, Corporate Communications


Published 28/09/18