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  • Incident number: SCAM PHONE CALLS
  • Date: 23/10/2018
  • Sender: PCSO 6383
  • Business area name: Priory and Wells SNT

We have had several calls recently regarding persons making calls to Malvern Residents claiming to be from the police stating that the person they are calling is wanted or claiming that they are from the inland revenue stating that the person owes money. 

These callers then claim that in order to resolve the situation the resident must buy ITunes vouchers or similar or send cash to a specific account. 

This is a new twist on an on-going fraudulent scam to try to get money from unsuspecting victims. 

The advice is always the same, if it doesn't seem right put the phone down and call the police from another phone, don't give out personal details unless you know who you are talking to and you know for sure that it is a legitimate call.

The police will never ask you to buy vouchers in order to resolve a situation and they will never ask you for you PIN or bank card.