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National Rural Crime Day of Action 2018

Thursday 8 November saw a National Rural Crime Day of Action with policing teams across Malvern Hills engaging closely with the rural community.

The poor weather and heavy rain showers didn't deter the teams and residents from getting together to discuss areas of concern and ways the police can further help reassure, prevent crime and enforce the laws to better protect them across Malvern Hills.

Chief Inspector Sean Kent, Malvern Hills and Wychavon Districts, said "Local Policing Priority Teams (LPPTs) carried out traffic stops and farm site visits which were warmly welcomed by residents. We conducted approximately 25 separate farm visits with meeting with farmers and staff where possible and receiving really positive feedback from the farmers our officers met. More than 20 vehicles were stopped and several static sites visited with four council trade notices served, three DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) prohibition notices served and the removal of vehicles from the road; one fixed penalty notice was served, one VDRS (Vehicle Defect Rectification) was issued and one drugs stop and search performed. All engagement and enforcement activities were reported widely across social media throughout the day.

"High visibility engagement wasn't where we stopped either, with one officer making dozens of telephone calls to previous victims of rural crime and dwelling burglaries, a number of which are identified as repeat victims. The officer spoke at length with over 30 victims who all appreciated the contact and follow up of both them and their cases. It is very important that as a force we continue to reassure victims of crime that they are not forgotten and to update them as often as possible.

From our interaction and engagement out and about with the local community in areas such as Upton-upon-Severn and Earls Croom and Kempsey it was clearly apparent that our high visibility presence had a very real positive effect on our communities."


Issued by AG, Communications Officer, at 1315hrs, 9 November 2018

Published 09/11/18