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New road safety initiatives welcome as part of £500,000 investment

Community information, West Mercia Police

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  • Date: 12/11/2018
  • Sender: 60268
  • Business area name: Citizens in Policing

As part of Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion's commitment to making the roads of West Mercia safer, he has earmarked half a million pounds to be spent reducing deaths on the roads across the three counties.

The Commissioner has launched two grant rounds. One pot consists of £150,000 which will be assigned to the Superintendents, in each policing area of West Mercia, to work with their teams and communities to identify local initiatives.

The public, local authorities, fire and rescue services, and those involved in voluntary organisations can apply for grant funding from the second pot of £350,000.

All of the road safety initiatives need to be innovative and go over and above what is already being provided by the police, fire and rescue and local authorities.

The Commissioner is keen to receive bids that could include: road safety awareness campaigns; enhanced road safety initiatives; targeted road safety education; targeted road safety training; extending community speed watch areas; and the purchasing of equipment used to promote or facilitate road safety for the use of the public.

As part of the Commissioner's pledge to reduce the amount of those killed or seriously injured on West Mercia roads, he is looking to hear from those who support his drive. "Too many people are losing their lives on our roads and it's time more was done. Through new projects and initiatives, on top of what is already being done, I hope to raise more awareness of road safety and reduce the amount of those being killed or injured, as well as the number of those committed road traffic offences.

"These pots of money will allow more focus to be placed on something that is a priority, and concern, for everyone. I hope that people will be encouraged to apply for funding knowing that they could be making a real difference on the roads of West Mercia."

Those interested in finding out more about the funding can do so via the PCC's website:

The funding will run from November 2018 until 31st March 2020.

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