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West Mercia Police Community Messaging Service (CMS)

West Mercia Police is encouraging the local community to sign up for their free messaging service to keep up-to-date with what is going on in your local area.

The West Mercia Police Community Messaging Service (CMS) is a two-way local watch scheme that enables communities to engage with their local watch groups and the police.
Local watch schemes such as these are aimed at encouraging communities to work together to protect both themselves and their property.
It is a free tool that anyone can sign up for and in doing so, you will receive crime alerts for your local area along with useful crime prevention advice and community safety information. It also offers you the opportunity to join a local watch scheme or even start one.
By offering this service, we hope to further protect people from harm by not only preventing crime but also reducing the local community's fear of crime.
When you sign up to this service you can tailor it to your requirements, for example, you can select which watch schemes you are interested in hearing from and in which areas.
Kevin Powell, Citizens in Policing Programme Supervisor from West Mercia Police said: "Since its launch, we are really pleased with how many people have signed up to our Community Messaging Service.
"The Community Messaging Service has greatly enabled us to improve communications with our local residents on the issues that really matter.
"It has also proved to be an invaluable and useful tool that has allowed us to keep our local communities updated on a daily basis in relation to what is going on in their local area.
"We hope to encourage even more people to sign up if they would like to hear useful advice and tips on how to keep themselves and their local communities safe while raising awareness of the types of crime that are affecting our communities."
To find out more about the West Mercia Police Community Messaging Service, please visit:
If you would like to register for this service, please visit:
Posted at: 4:15pm, Thursday, 22 November by LK, Corporate Communications

Published 22/11/18