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Arrests in crackdown on crime in Bridgnorth

12 people have been arrested in two days of action as police crackdown on crime in Bridgnorth.

Over the past two nights police have carried out Operation Vulture which has seen a highly visible police presence in the town.

The operation saw almost 250 vehicles stopped with nine people arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Two people were arrested for drug offences and one person was arrested for taking a car without the owner's consent.

Six vehicles were seized because the driver did not have insurance.

Cannabis with an estimated value of £20,000 was also seized by police along with cash and what is believed to be class A drugs.

The operation saw the Bridgnorth Safer Neighbourhood Team join forces with the Local Policing Priority Team and CID.

Safer Neighbourhood Inspector for Bridgnorth, Nikki Roberts, says police will continue to carry out similar operations to target criminals in the town.

She said: "Over the past two nights we've had an increased police presence in Bridgnorth with officers carrying out highly visible patrols along with stop checks on vehicles to send a clear message we will not tolerate criminality taking place in the town.

"The operation has targeted everything from anti-social behaviour to drugs and driving offences and is an example of the proactive approach we're taking to making the town even safer. I would like to reassure local residents that this isn't a one-off operation, we will be carrying out similar operations over the coming months.

"As the safer neighbourhood inspector for Bridgnorth I'm committed to listening to the concerns of our local residents and addressing these concerns, and I hope Operation Vulture shows the action we will take."

Published 23/11/18